Cheese storage & Cheese production

Almost every day, the real Texel cheese is made in our own “cheese factory”. From the shop, you can see the cheese making process. You can also see the cheese storage, where more than 25,000 kilograms of cheese is maturing.

Photos, videos and information boards explain the cheese story. Perhaps you may reveal the “secret of our delicious Texel cheese” after having paid us a visit.

Taste the flavor of Texel Farm shop

Taste our delicious typical Texel cow-, sheep- and goat cheese in the farm shop. Regularly our cheesemakers come up with new types of cheese, only to be found in our store. In addition, we also sell numerous typical local products from Texel, such as apple juice, lamb, Labora ice cream and many more.


Countryside trail Sheep Museum

Follow the countryside trail towards the new Sheep Museum and learn all about the ancient landscape of Texel and sheep farming at Texel.


Experience farm life Sheep

Experience farm life at Wezenspyk. At Wezenspyk there are about 600 sheep.

Cheesefondue, plates and coffee Cheese Cafe

In our new Cheese Cafe you can enjoy from Tuesday untill Saturday a delicious cheesefondue, cheese plates, toast or just a cup of coffee.

Are you looking for an Original environment for a meeting? We can help out! Contact us for the possibilities.

Ferry across the channel Pathway “Skeep and Lantskap”

From Wezenspyk you can walk the Skéép and Lantskap path. This route starts at Wezenspyk and is about 3 kilometers long. The journey takes you around the Wezenspyk country area, over the dike. During your journey you will take a pull ferry across the channel. This journey is part of a larger path known as ‘Skéép and Lantskap’.